Douglas Anderson

Douglas Anderson

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Douglas Anderson
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Although both my grandfather and my father painted watercolour, I followed other pursuits after childhood.

Since retirement, I have been able to spend more time sketching and doing watercolour painting. Although rough sketching was required throughout my career, it was never as a finished product. Now, whenever we travel, I keep a sketchbook handy and try to capture sights and scenes wherever we stop.

I became more serious about sketching and painting in April 2016 when we travelled with a small guided group to Japan. Each of the participants completed watercolour paintings afterwards that were framed and shown at the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl.

We travelled to India in January 2018 with two guided groups. The opportunity to experience India in four locations was exhilarating, and allowed me to develop skills and try some new techniques.

The opportunities and scenes around Vancouver Island are limitless, and the light and palette are ideal for my preferred watercolours.

I paint exclusively in watercolour; one medium is enough to learn at one time. Most of the pieces are based on my original sketches, though occasionally one of my photographs or an original idea is used.

Although life is busy, I paint at least once per week. I find watercolour painting to be challenging, focused and restful at the same time.

Douglas Anderson
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