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Ingrid De Jong

Ingrid De Jong

Exhibiting Member

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Ingrid De Jong
Artist Bio:

Ingrid de Jong FCA

Bio: Ingrid de Jong’s formal art studies took place at UBC in Vancouver, Canada and at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Geneva, Switzerland. Two years after starting her teaching career she left for Europe, combining her art education in Switzerland with the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. When she returned to Canada she resumed her teaching career, using her creativity as a springboard. She has taught painting privately to adults and to young children. In her career she also taught in the Selkirk Teacher Education program. Ingrid has shown in numerous galleries over many years and her work has been purchased by clients in Canada, Switzerland, Japan, the UK, Fiji, India and in the USA. Her specialties are watercolour, acrylic and photography.

Artist’s Statement:

Art has given me much happiness over the years. My choice of subject is influenced by my environment and I aim for a semi-abstract style. I love colour - vibrant, exuberant colour. Having lived in the mountains for 33 years, I am now happy to be back near the ocean. For five years I lived on the beach front which was a tremendous experience putting me face to face with the sea and it’s creatures and the force of Nature. I see possible paintings in landscapes, people, movement and detail and am versatile in what I paint. I love patterns and design in nature. I am constantly learning so that I get better at what I do.

I paint because there is a joy in it and when one of my paintings is purchased

I love to see the pleasure it gives others.

Artist Statement:
Ingrid De Jong
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NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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