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Penny Maday Ciochetti

Penny Maday Ciochetti

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Preferred Medium: 

Mixed Media

Penny Maday Ciochetti
Artist Bio:

I am a formally trained artist who has studied in Europe and Canada.

In 2019 I completed my Graduate work in Florence, Italy.

I have spent a lifetime working and teaching in the Arts and while I do representational work in media such as drawing, watercolor , printmaking, photography, acrylics and Italian Limestone fresco; it is my contemporary abstract. work in Mixed Media that has been widely shown in Europe and won awards . This body of work has been in shows in Rome, Florence, Berlin, Vancouver as well as on Vancouver Island.

My interests as an artist are in multi- layered/dimensional work that marries the materials to the concept explored. in a harmonious and unexpected way.

My training allows me to explore complex compositions and my own visual language through mixed media. work that is ever-changing based on where the viewer is, and seeks to explore the relationship between perception and reality as expressed through symbols, history, sacred geometry and my own experience.

Artist Statement:
Penny Maday Ciochetti
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