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Coastal Expressions 2014

At the Nanaimo Art Gallery, Commercial Street

Congratulations to NFCA 'Coastal Expressions' Juried Show Award Winners and Qualifying Artists


First: Claudia Lohmann, Wett Rum

Second: Barbara Ann Scott, Le Jardin Mistique

Third: Judy Brayden, Wild Woman Series#2

Award of Excellence: Eunmi Connacher, Last Train to Montreal

Award of Excellence: Terry Nimmon, Catalina Brook #2

Award of Excellence: Harald Wetklo, The Race QUALIFYING PAINTINGS

Harald Wetklo; The Race, Still Waters

Leslie Gregory AFCA: Points of View, A Numbers Game

Chris Kazeil, Taking Walks in the Rain

Karen Poirier, Yellow Peonies

Tom Hutton, Whistler Peak in Summer

Bernice Stearns, Papaver

Patricia Mansell, View from Above(Arctic Wolves), Shoreline Chorus(Stellar Sealions (triptych)

Claudia Lohmann, Westcoast Forest, Wett Run

Sandy Knowles, The Big Splash, Peaceful Easy Feelin’

Judy Brayden, Wild Woman Series#2

Terry Nimmon, Arizona Wash, Catalina Brook #2

Tom Shardlow Apple and White Mug, Field and Sky

Rich Williams 217-Hanover St.

Barbara Ann Scott, Le Jardin Mistique, Transition

Maxine McCrae Landscape #3

Bonnie Stebbings, Crossroads, Intermezzo (diptych)

Lisa Danesin AFCA, Nocturne, Before

Jean Aten, Abuelo, Catching Some Rays

Eunmi Connacher, Last Train to Montreal, Koi

Helen Webster, Fire on the Mountain, Undercurrents

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