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Artist of the Month - November 2017


What is your idea of happiness?

Happiness is being in a place in the world which is safe and affords me the opportunity to get lost in my art world. Having travelled quite a bit on this earth, I can take my art anywhere and be happy. My father wanted me to be a mathematician, but art won out.

I feel that math and art are similar, in that one solves problems based on a skill set in both of these areas.

I am lucky that my health is very good, but I did fear losing my clarity of vision for a while. So now just spending a day in my painting studio is a joy.

There are other passions of mine which compete, such as silversmithing, making jewellery, torching lampworked glass beads and kiln-fusing glass**

What inspires you?

The inspirations for my work vary now. Whereas I used to paint images from my travel experiences and specific things in my environment, now I am choosing more general subjects. My feelings about the changing of the seasons, the warmth of having a loving home and appreciating friends near and far - these are currently typical subjects of my painting.


**Alda will show her jewellery and glassware on November 23-26, 2017 in the Cedar-Yellowpoint Artisan Christmas Tour at #11 on the tour map.

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