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Results - 2018 Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

2018 Nanaimo Fine Art Show Poster

2018 Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Sponsored by the Nanaimo Chapter FCA

The Nanaimo Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists is pleased to present the 3rd annual Nanaimo Fine Art Show at the Vancouver Island Conference Center. This is a free, family friendly event. The Nanaimo Fine Art Show ran from November 1st to 4th, 2018, exhibiting in the fabulous Dodd Narrows Full Room of the Vancouver Island Conference Centre. 79 paintings were on display by 44 artists in the juried show located in the Dodd Narrows Room. We also have a signature showcase on display in the hallway outside the show room "Piper's Lagoon Lobby" for an extended showcase running Oct. 4-Dec. 6.

The 2018 winners were:

1st place - Sandra Johnman "After the Storm" 2nd place - Sarah Boileau "Schooner Cove Trail" 3rd place - Karen Poirier "Blue Nose" Honorable Mention- Jacqueline Dunn "Maureen Creek 2" Honorable Mention & People's Choice - Joanne Gisbrecht "Birds of a Feather: Beach Murder Mystery" Honorable Mention- Laurel Karjala "Buttertubs 1" Honorable Mention- Ludek Sotola "Oxy"

The following slideshow is of all the paintings exhibited in the juried 2018 Nanaimo Fine Art Show. We also had a un-juried Nanaimo Chapter Signature Member and Juror showcase during the three day show.

Event Photos:


2018 Show Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor - $1000 and over

What's On Digest Nanaimo Logo

Gold Sponsor - $500 - $999

Iron Oxide Logo

Silver Sponsor - $250-499

Friend of the Arts - $50-$249

Thank you to all the "Friends of the Arts" for your support.

We would also like to thank the City of Nanaimo for the "Community Vitality Grant" we received this year.


About This Year's Jurors:

Sherry Mitchell

Sherry has been watercolour painting for more than 45 years. Her chosen style is termed photorealistic - it combines classic botanical accuracy with an emphasis on light, shadow, shape and colour. Since 1995, she has won awards for her work regionally, nationally and internationally. Currently, Sherry has two paintings included in an international botanical exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa; it continues until October of this year. While Sherry has completed hundreds of paintings of native and cultivated plants and flowers, native flora remain her favourite subjects.

Donna Baspaly

Donna Baspaly's art career spans more than forty years. She has exhibited in Japan, Australia, the United States and Canada and has earned many prestigious awards including the Silver Medal, Bronze Medal and the Award of Excellence at the Federation of Canadian Artists' Signature Medal Shows. Donna earned both her Signature Status, the SFCA, from the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) as well as from The Northwest Water Color Society (U.S.A.) awarding her NWWS Signature Status. Baspaly is a proud member of Eastern Woodland Metis Association.

Eunmi Conacher

Eunmi Conacher began her artistic journey in Seoul, Korea where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. With a thirst to learn more, she went on to continue her artistic studies at The University of Sydney, Australia earning her a post graduate Diploma in Visual Arts as well as taking part in a ceramic research program in Tsukuba University in Japan. In 1996, Eunmi immigrated to Canada settling in Whistler, B.C. where she and her husband operated a small business. After moving to Nanaimo in 2004, inspired by the unique Vancouver Island landscape, Eunmi’s insterest in art was renewed. She became an active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists in 2008, and an elected member of The Society of Canadian Artists in 2013. She received her AFCA designation in 2015. ‘I describe myself as a contemporary impressionist and expressionist artist. My desire is to create paintings which bring energy to the canvas. My work is more an expression of the mood in the scene rather than a realistic picture of the scene. I use depth of color to balance realism and abstract. My use of color, form, and texture is intuitive. My hope is that the viewers connect emotionally with the painting in their own way. The result I strive for is a painting from the heart’. – Eunmi Conacher

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