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I have been fortunate during my life to have had the opportunity to paint alongside numerous accomplished artists and to have been mentored by two of them. Painting with others makes one aspire to become a better artist. A mentor once gave me a couple of pieces of advice that I have tried to follow throughout my carrier, " Create don't Copy." and "If you can paint what is at your feet and make it believable you can paint anything."

As an artist the most important responsibility we have been entrusted with is the ability to pass on the knowledge we have acquired over the years from experience and other artists. In passing this knowledge we insure the future of painting for generations to come.

I have painted primarily in watercolour now for over 28 yrs but have dabbled in acrylics recently. I returned to watercolour as I find that you can achieve in watercolour effects you can only dream about in other mediums.

We are lucky to live here on Vancouver Island knowing we live in one of the most diverse and beautiful places on earth. Here we can enjoy the many different elements of nature from sea to forested mountains in a temperate climate that allows us to be outside most of the year.

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