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A Watercolour Workshop on Landscape with Joanne Thomson



Date - May 25 and 26, 2019

Time - 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Painting by Joanne Thomson

Venue – Nanaimo Association for Community Living 96 Cavan St, Nanaimo

Cost - $200 on/before April 1, $230 after April 1

This workshop will focus on intimate landscapes rather than vistas, specifically how to create a work that evokes the inner forest and quiet moments in it. This workshop is for those who have some familiarity with watercolour. Demonstrations will be done with Winsor and Newton watercolours on Arches paper OR bring your usual supplies so that you start with the familiar and create something that you can re-create later. Other pigment brands will have varying results, which can be wonderful and lead to new discoveries. (Supply list will be sent to participants)

Participants are asked to spend some time walking or sitting in the forest before the course and to take some time to make some sketches or take photographs in preparation for the workshop (provincial parks and campgrounds are great places to go). If you choose photographs, please print them out before the workshop. You will use these resources on the second day to create your own painting.

The surface used during the workshop demonstrations will be paper however, Joanne will reserve 30 minutes at the end of the workshop to describe her techniques for watercolour painting on canvas for those interested. Watercolour painting on canvas is too slow for workshop demonstrations.

Painting by Joanne Thomson

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