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2021 Annual FCA Juried Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The Nanaimo Chapter of the FCA is proud to present our annual FCA juried Nanaimo Art Show. We are pleases to announce the winners of the juried show and we congratulate the artists who won awards for their excellent artwork. We would also like to thank every artist who took the time to submit artwork for this show.

Congratulations to all our NFCA Fine Art Show Winners!

See the award winning artwork below.

First Place: "Abbey's Roses" by Joane Moran, AFCA

Second Place: "Emergence" by Rory MacDonald, AFCA

Third Place: "November Night Lights" by Trudy Broadley

Honourable Mention: "Nesting" by Sharon Lough

Honourable Mention: "Calvert Island Beach" by Dan Telosky, AFCA

Honourable Mention: "Explore Pacific" by Eunmi Conacher, AFCA

Thank you, and we look forward to the 2022 Fine Art Show!

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