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2nd Place at the 2020 Nanaimo Fine Art Show!

Updated: Jan 25

This year's recipient of the 2nd place prize is Claudia Lohmann for her painting "The Inner Workings of My Mind"

"The Inner Workings of My Mind" 31.5"x45", Acrylic on Wood

"I often get asked how I paint, so my daughter and I made a time lapse video showing the process. The piece 'The Inner Workings of My Mind' is the result of this video project showing how my brain works during my painting process."

-Claudia Lohmann

For a look at how this award winning painting was created Claudia has shared with us the link to the time lapse video of the making of this painting: https://www.claudialohmann.com/single-post/2020/06/12/time-lapse-video-the-inner-workings-of-my-mind

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