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Honourable Mention at the 2020 Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Charlotte Mougeot was awarded an honourable mention at the Nanaimo Fine Art Show this year for her painting "Dynamic Glacier, Devon Island, Nunavut".

"Dynamic Glacier, Devon Island, Nunavut” 20"x40" Oil on Canvas

"Working along the coast of Devon Island, I have seen many glaciers occupying valleys, hanging on to cliffs, shaping crests and ridges, ice rivers from Ice Cap pouring into the ocean like powerful waterfalls. I see the action of climate, the indescribable and immeasurable journey of these glaciers through time and towards change. There is awe in front of these landscapes, and also a sense of uncontrollable evolution. There is beauty and a sense of dynamic motion that we cannot change."

-Charlotte Mougeot

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