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Honourable Mention at the 2020 Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Sarah Boileau was awarded an honourable mention at the Nanaimo Fine Art Show this year for her painting "Floe Lake Sunrise"

"Floe Lake Sunrise" 30"x48" Oil on Canvas

"The Rocky Mountains have always been a place that has captured my imagination. I can stare for hours at the intricate patterns that make up the face of a mountain, the path of a waterfall, a hanging valley, everything around us that was not made by human hands. I find the way that forces of nature shapes and creates the world around us to hold a kind of perfect imperfection, overwhelmingly beautiful without vanity. I hope my painting makes the viewer feel small and humble in the presence of nature, but not insignificant because we are as much a part of it as it is a part of us."

-Sarah Boileau

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