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Jeanne Aten Awarded an Honourable Mention at the Summer Sizzler NFCA Fine Art Show

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Jeanne Aten's painting "Old Timer-Haida" has been awarded an honourable mention in the NFCA Summer Sizzler Fine Art Show. You can see her award winning painting along with all the paintings juried into our Nanaimo Chapter Exhibition online.

"Old Timer-Haida" Pastel 11"x17”

"On a trip by ferry to the islands of Haida Gwaii this gentleman was sitting in the lovely light that I enjoy, concentrating on a task. He had such and interesting face and body that I was compelled to try and capture him. Seeing and photographing the ancient totems on the islands I used those images to add an indication of them in the background."

Jeanne Aten

Jeanne is a multi medium artist working in watercolour, oils, acrylics, pastels and drawing mediums. Using the above tools to create realistic and abstract art along with collage materials. Her favourite subject matter is anything with a strong light shining on it as she believes the light tells the story.

Other work can be found open her website at:

Visit our Summer Sizzler Fine Art Show online at

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