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March 4th Demo, Harold Allanson

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

​Harold Allanson demo, March 4th: Fixing a failed watercolour painting!

We hope you can join us at the Hammond Bay Library on March 4th for the next general meeting. Harold Allanson will be there giving a demo!

Sometimes while painting try as you might the painting isn’t working and you have to make a choice scrap it. or cut it down in size to try saving a smaller section? Maybe there’s nothing worth salvaging? Scrap it? flip it over and start on the back side? Or possibly, just possibly, with a little luck and one last effort the painting can be saved? Or maybe not? Harold has such a painting and is willing to share his one last effort following March 4th meeting.

Harold Allanson's 1st place painting "Old Massett Carvers" at the 2022 Nanaimo Fine Art Show

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