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Zann Hemphill Awarded 1st Place at the Summer Sizzler NFCA Fine Art Show

Zann Hemphill's painting "Peaches in the Sun" has been awarded 1st place in the NFCA Summer Sizzler Fine Art Show. You can see her award winning painting along with all the paintings juried into our Nanaimo Chapter Online Exhibition.

"Peaches in the Sun" 12"x12" Oil on canvas by Zann Hemphill

"Peaches in the Sun" 12"x12" Oil on canvas

This painting was inspired by my own dog, Peaches, as part of a series of dogs at the beach. With the weather over the last month being so dazzlingly bright, the dog beaches have become a place where brown and orange fur lights up like fire against the grey west coast sand. Peaches was looking unusually regal that day, and I wanted to see if I could catch that amazing lighting on canvas.

Zann Hemphill

Zann’s work has been featured in many local art shows through the Nanaimo Arts Council, the Federation of Canadian Artists, Art 10 Gallery, the Ferry Building Gallery, the Van Dop Gallery and Art-BC, and has appeared in Pawlogie Magazine.

Her realistic renditions of pets and other animals in oil can be found on her portfolio website at, along with painting demos and videos.

Visit our Summer Sizzler Art Show HERE

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