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NFCA Show Submissions

If you would like to volunteer to help out with the next Fine Art Show please reach out to us with an email, or come out to our general meetings to learn more about and join the Fine Art Show Committee.

NFCA Fall Fine Art Show
Painting Submission Early Information

Show Dates:
Thur Nov 14 - Sun Nov 17, 2024


Dear members of our Chapter, we know you need time to plan and paint beautiful artwork. Here is some information to help you plan ahead.  The submission timeline will be on August 1 and submissions will be accepted until midnight October 10, 2024.  A submission link will be available.

On line and In person jurors (for awards) will be:

• Brent Lynch, SFCA
• Peggy Burkosky, SFCA
• Leslie Gregory-Morgan, SFCA

 We hope that 125 paintings will be juried in. The show is open only to our Chapter. All submissions must follow FCA standards, and accepted work must be ready for hanging, as per the FCA requirements. A standard contract will be in place for juried artwork. A copy of this contract will be available prior to August 10.  Paintings cannot have been shown at any of the Nanaimo Fine Art Shows before and should be fairly recent.

Artwork Height

  • There is no restriction as to height of the artwork.

Artwork Width

Due to space restriction, the following width of artwork will be accepted:

  • One painting as wide as 62” including the frame (so one painting between 38” and 62” wide including the frame).

  • One painting as wide as 38” including the frame

  • Two paintings as wide as 32” including the frame

  • If all four paintings are less than 32” inches wide including the frame, then of course, all can be submitted.

  • If four paintings are submitted, a fifth painting can be submitted at no cost as long as it is less than 154 square inches ( 11” by 14”, 12” by 12”, or smaller, not including the frame).

  • A two-piece piece submission, a diptych, cannot exceed the measurement as one submission, must be hung side by side and sold as one unit. Two paintings at 31” wide each would total 62” in width and that would be the maximum width for a diptych to be submitted.

Number of submissions from each artist

  • A total of five paintings with the fifth painting being FREE! Yes, there is a catch: your fifth and last submission must be no larger than 154 square inches and no wider than 14 inches, not including the frame. That means a 10” x 10”, a 11” by 14”, an 8 “by 12”, a 12” by 12”, or smaller.

  • Submission costs will be as in the past: $20 for the first submission and $10 for the next three, plus a bonus -no fee for the fifth one as long as it is less than 154”square.   

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