Membership in Federation of Canadian Artists, main organization, Vancouver. Prospective members are responsible for obtaining this membership and mailing payment for fee, directly to the Vancouver office, more information at 

Membership in the Nanaimo Chapter

Membership is $ 30.00 per calendar year, due by the beginning of each year.

We are now offering free membership to artists under 25. 


For 2021, due to the Pandemic, membership payments will be by donation. You still need to renew by filling out the membership application form.       

To Apply or Renew fill out the membership form below and pay online here.


Current Members can also fill out the membership Form to Update their info. 

Nanaimo FCA Membership Application 


If you would like to have your artist photo and an image of your artwork, as well as your artist statement and bio on the NFCA website, please enter the info below and select the files. 

Arist Biography

Arist Statement

Please note once you select your image file you will not see a preview. Under the select file button the name of the file will be displayed. Once you have all fields filled click "Submit Form".

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Select File

Make sure all the required fields and and other fields you wish to fill in are filled in and then click the "I'm not a robot" reCAPTCHA, then click  "Submit Form" button below. 

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Fill out the membership form, select photo files. Once everything is filled out to your liking, then click the submit button. If you need to copy and paste text into any of the fields use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V buttons on your keyboard instead of right clicking.