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Charlotte Mougeot

Charlotte Mougeot

Exhibiting Member

Preferred Medium: 

Oil, but getting friendly with acrylics

Charlotte Mougeot
Artist Bio:

Charlotte Mougeot is a self-taught artist who now lives and loves living in Nanaimo since 2018. She prefers working with oil paint but is trying to get friendly with acrylic paint. Charlotte is originally from Quebec and has lived in Manitoba, Alberta, Yukon, and B.C. As a geologist, she has spent time in remote parts of northern Canada, Tibet, Russia and Indonesia. She has been privileged to see a lot of Canada’s remote areas, mostly by foot, with teams of naturalists and elders, learning to see land through their eyes. Charlotte loves the coast for its beautiful landscapes, the ever changing sky, the play of light on the water. Charlotte loves seeing the diversity of people at farmers’ markets, marinas, music festivals and many of the community events. There is so much to see and to notice, so much to try to capture.

Charlotte is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and her work has been juried into several exhibitions, including at the Granville Island Federation Art Gallery, the North Vancouver Ferry Building and the Nanaimo Fine Art Show, the Ladysmith Fine Art Show and the Cowichan Valley Fine Art Show.

Artist Statement:

“Along the road, I find places of peace and quiet, Places of rocks and sea and sky, Now etched upon my soul and mind, Sights and sounds to make me whole.” That is how I feel about painting, about seeing and being present to what life offers me. As an environmental geoscientist, I have worked all over northern Canada. I am l awed by the vast beauty of the north, by the imprint of time and climate on the land. Since living on the coast, I love the everchanging play of sky and sea. I love people watching, catching moments of every day life, those special and peaceful moments that make the mosaic of our days, with family, with friends, and in our communities.

I borrow this artist statement by artist John Stuart Pryce, from Victoria, as it is so fitting to me: “My goal is to share with other what my eyes see, my heart feels, and my soul yearns to understand. Each painting has a unique story and message and I strive to share that experience as eloquently and creatively as possible.” So well said, I cannot really add to his statement.

Charlotte Mougeot
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