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Dorota Goede

Dorota Goede

Supporting Member

Preferred Medium: 

acrylic, oil, Pastels

Dorota Goede
Artist Bio:

Born in Poland 1960. Studied Architecture and Art in Poland. Graduate of Toronto Architecture Progream B.Arch., and Mohawk College Architectural Technology Honors Diploma. Professor Emeritus of Architectural Technology program in Hamilton Ontario - 30 yrs. Extensive Drawing training and than teaching. Completed watercolors course from Dundas Valley School of Art. Active painting acrylics, oils and pastels since retirement in 2018. Loving it all...

Artist Statement:

I am hoping to share my mature age art explorations. I have always hoped to create art but busy life got in a way. Since retiring in 2018 I have been dabbing in various mediums and styles. Love the joy of accomplishing some decent results. Color to the world! Dorota

Dorota Goede
Overall Winner_NFAS 2023_La Belle Epoque.jpg
Equinox_Marina Wright_edited.jpg
NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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