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Joanne Nemeth

Joanne Nemeth

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Joanne Nemeth
Artist Bio:

Not long after retiring from her career as a Petroleum Engineer, Joanne began an ongoing exploration of all things Art.

Joanne has taken many art workshops and classes, in a myriad of mediums and subject matter. Drawing, oil pastels and watercolours were her first explorations. Human and pet portraiture were of special interest in her watercolour journey.

Since moving to Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, B.C in 2016, Joanne immersed herself in the amazing art scene in Oceanside.

After being introduced to “dotting” mandalas on rocks with acrylic paint, a fire to paint dots was lit within. But eventually, it seemed rocks were just too small, and mandalas just too rigid. Enter dotting trees, landscapes and other subjects on canvas.

A Pointillist was born!

Artist Statement:

I am often told I must have a lot of patience to create my dot paintings. It’s true that patience is required, but I find that once I have a plan of my work in mind, it is very relaxing to just let the dots flow.

I have always loved nature and am an avid birder and photographer. Vancouver Island is special; there is inspiration to create everywhere I look. I am especially fascinated by the longevity of the trees I encounter in old growth forests; they radiate a warmth and collective strength. The light that filters through the tree tops inspires many of my dot paintings.

Joanne Nemeth
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NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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