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Josee Duffhues

Josee Duffhues

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Josee Duffhues
Artist Bio:

Josée Duffhues

Dutch, Australian, Canadian… Josée has lived on three continents, but found home here on an island in the Pacific; it’s the place where she finds creative peace and daily inspiration. A potter for many decades (a passion for clay shared with her husband Vic of JoVic Pottery), Josée discovered her joy in painting abstracts thanks to a workshop with Dennis Brown in 2015. Since then she has painted up a storm, and held solo shows as well as showing her works in group shows. She has her own showroom at JoVic Pottery, lovingly called the Gallery Barn. Many of her paintings are heavily textured—a nod to years of enjoying the textures of ceramics.

Josée is a graduate of the University of Waterloo where she studied English and Fine Art, also obtaining her MA in English. She is an Active Member of the FCA and NFCA. She has been successfully juried into numerous Fine Art Shows in Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Sooke and Vancouver. She is a member of the group of Artists known under the umbrella of About Us Sixteen.

Artist Statement:

The synergy I seek between a plan and spontaneity results in the most exciting work, as well as a sense of pure joy in the act of painting. My paintings can reflect my response to nature, biodiverse habitat loss, pollution, human land encroachment and greed or the sheer majesty of it all. I also feel connected to different landscapes, urban, rural, coastal, flat, mountainous, and lake side among them. I’ve lived in the tropics, in Europe and now Canada, and circumnavigated the globe, giving me an appreciation of the human landscape, its textures and colours, religions and cultures. Diversity is beauty! Painting what I feel at any given time lets me connect to myself. Abstracts truly depend on making a connection with the viewer. When I paint an abstract, I am working from a composition, striving for something particular. When someone looks at that abstract, they will see something entirely different. That’s true for every person who takes the time to look at an abstract painting. When that happens, they are co-creating the painting with the artist: their interpretations add layers of meaning to the original work.

Josee Duffhues
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