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Laura Barnes

Laura Barnes

Supporting Member

Preferred Medium: 

Acrylics and water, some oil

Laura Barnes
Artist Bio:

I have lived and painted across Canada since 1986. I started with folk Art painting with no formal training. Both my mother, my aunt and my sister were and are painters, all with a natural flare of their own. I am one of those who has had to stuggle and learn as I went. I have mostly worked as a hobbiest but, seem to sell a painting or two just when my supplies get low.

Hence my love of art just keeps growing. Having seen much of what the world has to offer to our eyes I have a huge repetoire in my head just waiting to emerge. Now, that we are newly settled on the Island from White Rock. I hope to submerge myself and brush into this wonderful scenery.

Artist Statement:

Being able to work with so many types of Artists in one place is a true Privilage for sure.

Laura Barnes
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