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Leslie Lendvoy

Leslie Lendvoy

AFCA - Associate Member

Preferred Medium: 


Leslie Lendvoy
Artist Bio:

Leslie Lendvoy is a west coast artist with Signature Status (AFCA) from the Federation of Canadian Artists. She has artistic roots five generations deep on our BC coast. Her grandmother and her uncle were both artists. She spent her childhood on Saltspring Island where her reverence for nature first began. More recently, she shares her time between her new home on Vancouver Island, and her winter home and studio in Tubac, Arizona.

She has sold and shown in multiple galleries in both countries and won several awards for her work, both landscapes and wildlife. She enjoys Plein air painting wherever she travels and studing with master artists in BC and abroad.

Artist Statement:

Leslie has a deep connection to our beautiful coastline, which shows in her sensitive artwork. She strives to capture the essence of place, the play of light upon water and land. She is equally fascinated by the dynamic power of nature or the quiet serenity of a fleeting moment. She paints what she loves and hopes her vision of our beautiful world resonates with you.

Leslie Lendvoy
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NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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