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Linda Harman

Linda Harman

AFCA - Associate Member

Preferred Medium: 


Linda Harman
Artist Bio:

I began painting in oils in 1960 in Ontario and continued in oils during the 1970’s in Alberta. I took various courses at the Alberta College of Art, learning design and composition, and photography in addition to oil painting classes. I began working with watercolours in 2003 , my favourite medium. I dabbled in alcohol inks for awhile and recently began painting with acrylics. Throughout COVID I was fortunate to be able to paint online with an artist friend in Ottawa and Calgary, twice a week. It kept us sane!

I live in north Nanaimo with my husband Glen.

I am current;y a member of Federation of Canadian Artists, Nanaimo chapter.

Artist Statement:
Linda Harman
Overall Winner_NFAS 2023_La Belle Epoque.jpg
Equinox_Marina Wright_edited.jpg
NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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