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Patricia Mansell

Patricia Mansell

Exhibiting Member

Preferred Medium: 


Patricia Mansell
Artist Bio:

Patricia’s style is realism and her passion is painting North American and endangered wildlife. Often something unique about the animal will inspire a painting. She develops her paintings from research and photographing animals both in the wild and captivity and enjoys bringing out each animal’s character. Born in Kent, England, Patricia moved to Canada in 1981 and resided for many years in Alberta. She now lives in Nanaimo, BC. Patricia was a Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Print Artist for Alberta, and for some time now, she has held Signature status with the prestigious international, Vancouver based Artists for Conservation.





Artist Statement:

“I am a Professional Artist working in acrylics. Painting Wildlife and Nature is my passion. I learn about the struggles faced by each animal that I paint, the stresses on nature that affect it and the impact upon its habitat. I paint many endangered animals, hoping that bringing them to life in my art will raise awareness of how close we are to losing many of them.” Patricia M. Mansell Artist


Patricia Mansell
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NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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