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Sarah Boileau

Sarah Boileau

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Sarah Boileau
Artist Bio:

Born in 1984, Sarah grew up in the small town of Fort St. James BC. She was heavily influenced by her parents' love of the outdoors and her own love of reading fantasy and science fiction novels, especially the writings of JRR Tolkien. Sarah uses oil paint to express what she finds the most beautiful in our world, sometimes even painting on driftwood. She is largely self taught but has also learned much over the years from other artists. Her style is to focus on the the contrast between light and dark, often exaggerating elements of deep shadow. She sees the emotional resonance between the light and dark as the music of our existance and believes that the darkness helps make the light that much sweeter.

Artist Statement:
Sarah Boileau
Overall Winner_NFAS 2023_La Belle Epoque.jpg
Equinox_Marina Wright_edited.jpg
NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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