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Sylvie Peltier

Sylvie Peltier

Exhibiting Member

Preferred Medium: 


Sylvie Peltier
Artist Bio:

I was born in Ottawa but grew up in Quebec. At the age of 13, I saw a poster saying "Learn English in Vancouver" with a spellbinding picture of the ocean and the mountains. At that moment I decided that I would live in British Columbia when I grew up.


On the way to BC, I pursued studies in Agricultural Economics (McGill) and Environmental Economics (Dalhousie). My thirst for an artistic practice led me to establish Red Letter Films, a documentary television production company which I still operate with my husband.


But the call of making beautiful art and resolving the mysteries of design and composition stayed with me. So I started to paint, learning from the artists in my community and beyond.


I've lived in BC for over 30 years and it's been close to 10 years since I picked up a paint brush with the determination to grow and learn and to create a thriving artistic practice.

Artist Statement:

I'm fascinated by imperfection and I find exploring and mixing styles stimulating. I strive to evoke and to create joy and beauty rather than copy what's in front of me. I want people who view my work to be inspired and intrigued.

I enjoy looking at the work of other artists and I find much inspiration in what they do. David Hockney, David T. Alexander, Wolf Kahn and Meghan Hildebrand are currently among my favourite painters.  

I paint mostly abstract florals and landscapes and also create wearable art and home decor pieces from my paintings. You can see these by clicking on the SHOP tab on my website.

Esspé is how I sign my paintings, the phonetic expression of my name’s initials, Sylvie Peltier. My studio is in legendary Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, also known as the unceded traditional territory of the Qualicum First Nation.

Feel free to email me to inquire about my work or book a studio visit.

Sylvie Peltier
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NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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