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Vikki Vettese

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Vikki Vettese
Artist Bio:

Although Vikki's preferred medium is acrylic, her previous 30 years in the FCA working with water colors and multimedia gave her great experience with washes and layering with both color and texture.

Vikki was born in Victoria BC, raised in Calgary, Alta, spent ten years in Northern Canada, and now lives, in Parksville BC.

Now residing on Vancouver Island, Vikki has taken to exploring the islands and her acrylic paintings now have a strong west coast focus. 

Her skies, ocean scenes and winter sunsets bring the same warm glow to canvas as it does in reality but adds the emotions and imagination of a painter’s eye. While her goal is to push her comfort level and expand her talents, her results convey strong moods and show there is also great beauty to be found at the final destination.

Vikki’s paintings have been exhibited and won awards in juried shows across Canada.

Artist Statement:

Vikki Vettese believes beauty is found as much in the journey as in the final destination. That feeling is carried over into her artwork, where she continually explores the creative process of painting and finds inspiration in people, wildlife and landscapes. Her portraits of people’s faces capture their inner serenity.

Vikki Vettese