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Zann Hemphill

Zann Hemphill

Active Member

Preferred Medium: 

Oil on Canvas

Zann Hemphill
Artist Bio:

Zann Hemphill has been painting dogs, cats, and other animals professionally since 2014. She paints out of her home studio in Lantzville, and ships across Canada and the US (and occasionally to the UK).


Zann's work has been featured in many local art shows through the Nanaimo Arts Council, the Federation of Canadian Artists, Art 10 Gallery, the Ferry Building Gallery, the Van Dop Gallery and Art-BC, and has appeared in Pawlogie Magazine.


Her realistic renditions of pets and animals in oil can be found on her portfolio website at, along with painting demos and videos.

Artist Statement:

Why Pets?


It’s about their contagious attitude.


We project the best of ourselves onto our pets, and they reflect back a version we’re happier living with. Not because we necessarily look any better; we still can’t fit into last years’ jeans or remember where we put our keys. But when you think about those problems through a dog's eyes... it’s easier to laugh about it.


Pets show us that people care too much about silly things that are hard to get. Their wants, by contrast, are simple and good and refreshingly attainable. Around a cat, it’s ok if dinner is the most important thought of the day.


Pets spark great conversations. They say a lot without words.


Art does that, too. Maybe they were made for each other.

Zann Hemphill
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