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Donna’s career as an Artist spans more than forty years. She describes herself as being in between chaos and control, starting with a design structure and idea then at some point surrendering to the symbiotic relationships. She allows the painting to speak to her which

sometimes changes the idea she started with.

She states: Rich textures, random dancing line work, the power of color combinations, the mystery of lost and found, creating interesting shapes and values keep me engrossed. Staying curious and on the growing edge is vital in my life as it is in painting. Many of my images come from personal experience, story, and a sense of humor.

Donna has studied nationally, and internationally, exhibited in Japan, Australia, Canada and the United States. She has won many prestigious awards, She writes, she teaches, and is often called on to be a Juror. As her credits are too extensive to list here, I invite you to go to her web site for more information.

If you wish to be one of the five volunteers at the next demo, please email Donna’s idea for the session is your idea of "What it takes to be an Artist."

Vancouver Island Regional North End Library

6250 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC V9T 6M9


10:00 -12:00 DEMO

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