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Our guests for the August Artful Meeting will be Joe Bembridge of Gallery Merrick (B13) Commercial Street, Nanaimo and his

associate, Dee Fontans.

Joe will be giving a short presentation on "How to approach Galleries" and what they are looking for.

Both Joe and Dee have an extensive background in Art, and have offered to run the Critique this month.

Peer participation is both welcome and wanted during the critique session so bring your paintings for this fun session. It can be more than one painting and as always, if someone is stuck on how to proceed with a problem painting, now is the time to share.

If you haven't been uptown to see the Gallery Merrick please go and LOOK FOR THE RED DOOR

What a wonderful Artstop it is!

Vancouver Island Regional North End Library

6250 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC V9T 6M9


10:00 -12:00 DEMO

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