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3rd Place 2021 Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Congratulations to Trudy Broadley for being awarded 3rd place at the 2021 Nanaimo Fine Art Show for her wonderful painting "November Night Lights".

On Gabriola Island at the end of a starlit November night, the last leaves were hanging on our little dogwood tree. Enough light from the stars made the tree look as if it were lit up, just like 'November Night Lights’

-Trudy Broadley


I considered art a luxury that I could not afford when I was young and raising a family. But as soon as I retired, I was wasting no time getting myself enrolled in courses and buying my first easel and painting supplies.

I have been painting for almost 25 years now. I mainly work in oils because it is a pleasure to work with. I can spend a few weeks on one painting, then have fun with some smaller works for a while or in-between, while the oil dries!

Topics for me do vary. I find inspiration in all sorts of things, and it sure is not difficult while living on Vancouver Island.

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