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Updated: May 11

Demo by miniaturist Tiffany Hastie

“Shack Island”, 2” x 4.5” acrylic by Tiffany Hastie


Sorry everyone, we are cancelling our meeting this Saturday as a precautionary measure. Thank you for your patience.

After having to cancel in January due to a snow storm and a power outage we are thrilled that Tiffany will finally be able to share her insights and techniques into painting really really small! She was featured in the most recent issue of Island Arts Magazine. Come out to the March 21/20 meeting to learn even more about her miniaturist techniques and ask her questions.

We have improved our demo setup making it easier for everyone to see what our guest artist is doing by streaming it on the big screen behind them. You will be able to enjoy the demo no matter where you are sitting!


Vancouver Island Regional North End Library

6250 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC

V9T 6M9


10:00 am


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