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FCA 2022 Active Members Show

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

NFCA Member Trudy Broadley had one of her paintings juried into the 2022 Active Members Exhibition in Vancouver.

"This painting is titled “Painting Japanese Lanterns” and was juried into the FCA Vancouver Active Members Show at the start of 2022. Painted in oil on canvas, some people have asked “What is the paint and brush doing in the picture?” Well, I used to paint these lanterns in metallic colours like antique gold, before my studio tour and use the lanterns as props." -Trudy Broadley

“Painting Japanese Lanterns” oil on canvas by Trudy Broadley

Trudy was also the recipient of the NFCA Vic Wilson award for her outstanding service to our chapter in 2021. Thank you Trudy, and congratulations!

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