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Honourable Mention 2021 Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Congratulations to Dan Telosky, AFCA, on receiving an honourable mention at the 2021 Nanaimo Fine Art Show for his painting "Calvert Island Beach"


Dan was born and raised on Northern Vancouver Island. From a young age Dan has been doing pencil sketches of the tugs, small freighters and fishing boats passing his home on Discovery Passage, then experimenting with water colours and oil paints in landscapes and seascapes.

Since 1998 Dan has been painting with acrylics, he is mostly self-taught and he has taken numerous courses and workshops.

Dan’s work life has been predominantly on the water and as a result working boats are his favourite subjects. But Dan finds the many faces of the sea provide him with endless challenges to try and capture.

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