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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Painting with Confidence

Instructor: Graeme Shaw Oct 14th &15th 2022 Nanaimo Town Centre

$225 for members ($250 for non-members)

*This workshop is now full, you can add your name to the waiting list on the workshop page*

Workshop focus:

To introduce techniques that will enhance the success of an artists effort at producing any image in any style. Mediums to be employed- I am using Holbein water based oils but everything I teach applies to traditional oil paints. Acrylic painters will find the workshop helpful but the focus will be with oils.

Material requirements:

1. Paints -Bring as full a complement of oils as you have. A minimum range would include - Titanium white, Paynes grey, Sepia, Burnt umber, Burnt sienna, Yellow Ocre, Raw Sienna, Cadmium yellow (pale), Cadmium red, Permanent Rose/Alizarin Crimson or similar cool red - warm and cool- Thalo red, Cobalt Blue, Ultra Marine Blue, Thalo Blue, Thalo Green, Dioxazine Purple. The more the merrier!

2. Golden Acrylic -Paynes grey , Acrylic golden burnt sienna and Dioxazine Purple. These are important.

3. Painting Mediums - Linseed oil, Gamsol. and small jars to hold a quantity for painting

4. An easel to paint on and a pallet of your choosing. I simply use tin foil over a board.

5. A range of brushes- preferably quality synthetic brights of a variety of sizes, small to larger and a two inch regular paint brush for washes - Better the brushes the better the results can be. Poor brushes are a ticket to frustration and failure

6. Can or jar to be used for cleaning your brushes in

7. Paper towel

8. A small primed board or canvas ( 8X10 -11X14) and a least one larger one 14X18 or larger.

9. A drawing pad – letter page sized or bigger.

10. Note pad

Day 1 10:00-12:00 1:00 Pm – 4PM

A. Principles of mental approach

– Before, during and after painting

B. Principles of image selection and composition - The why of an image - How to structure - How Not to structure C. How to start a painting – -The use of a Grisaille - The value of underpainting D. Use of mediums and maul stick E. Demonstration and class copying of small image on small board or canvas

Instructor will provide individual instruction.

Day Two 10:00-12:00 1:00 Pm – 4PM

1. Instructor will demonstrate differing approaches on a small painting and discuss with students. This may involve more than one piece. 2. How to price and market your art – does and don’t. 3. Question and answer period for all issues students may need input on. 4. Students will chose a simple image of their own choosing they have on their phone or hard copy photo. They will use techniques shown to paint and complete an image on larger canvas.

Instructor will provide individual attention.

Bio of Instructor Graeme Shaw

Graeme has been exhibiting in fine art galleries since 1971 to the present and is represented through the Mountain Galleries @ Whistler, Banff, & Jasper, The White Rock Gallery, the Webster’s Gallery in Calgary among others. He has had hundreds of one man shows over the years and his work has now become part of corporate and private collections around the world. His focus is varied from portraits to wildlife to scenery to structures and still life work though Graeme is principally a landscape artist. His main medium is now Holbein Water Based oils but he has worked extensively in watercolors. He does work in Acrylics but they are far from his favourite medium. Though his artistic influences over the years have been many, he gives credit to Robert Genn for being a friend and a mentor from his earliest days as a professional artist.

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