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Meet the Award Winning Artists of Last Year's Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Last year at the 2022 Nanaimo Fine Art Show, Active member of the NFCA Brenda Brown received an honourable mention for her painting "Sunset at the Shacks".

"Sunset at the Shacks was inspired by an evening paddle in mid July. I love to depict scenes where the last light of the sunset touches everything with the glow of the golden hour."

Artist's Biography

Brenda comes from a family of creative makers, tinkerers, and artists. She has lived in wild and rural settings; the foothills of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest, to Coastal Alaska, and along the Pacific Coast of British Columbia.


• B.S Degree in Human Development, over 30 years as an educator in grades K to 12.


• Raised 4 amazing children; is delighting in her grandchildren.


• Trained by mentors, workshops taught by professional artists, and over 25 years of self-learning and practice.


• Founding member of North Coast Artists’ Cooperative. Active in the Canadian Federation of Artists, Nanaimo Chapter.


Brenda works in printmaking, watercolour, oils, acrylic, pastel and ink. Produces 3-d works and jewelry in copper and silver. She enjoys teaching others to create and express themselves with their own art.

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