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Rory Macdonald Awarded an Honourable Mention at the Summer Sizzler NFCA Fine Art Show

Rory Macdonald's painting "Bullrushes and Logjams" has been awarded an honourable mention in the NFCA Summer Sizzler Fine Art Show. You can see his award winning painting along with all the paintings juried into our Nanaimo Chapter Exhibition online.

"Bullrushes and Logjams" 14"x11" Oil on Canvas by Rory Macdonald

"Bullrushes and Logjams" is one of a series that I have been completing of one of my favourite places to walk my dog, Crofton Lake. The lake feeds Richards Creek which in turn feeds Somenos Lake and then flows to the ocean supporting both trout and salmon and a host of other wildlife. Crofton Lake is a wild place complete with bullrushes, drowned snags and many fallen trees in the water."

Rory Macdonald

"My paintings are a reflection of my experiences of the natural world. I believe that we are very much a part of that world and that when we connect to nature we see how we fit into the grand scheme of things, with both the warts and the beauty. I search for a way to express myself in my work, which doesn’t always result in a faithful rendition of the natural state, but a balance of my energies as well. I trust the viewer will have some memories of their own, of being in a similar place and time, and hope my work will awaken within them the awe of being in nature as well.

Visit our Summer Sizzler Fine Art Show online at

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