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Lavern Hillier

Lavern Hillier

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Lavern Hillier
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Lavern H. Hillier, retired BC Registered Music Teacher, Landscape Artist My Art Education is self directed. I have been fortunate to be able to work with numerous well known artists, mostly through workshops arranged by The Nanaimo Chapter of Canadian Federation of Artists, of which I am an Active Member.

I am also a member of the Nanaimo Group of Artists and the Ladysmith Gallery. 

My inspiration to paint comes from the play of light and movement in scenes I have been in. I love to be outdoors exploring. In the past, I have enjoyed walking,  skiing, boating, & fishing.

These activities have all influenced my art. Walking is what i’m currently doing. My greatest inspiration comes from years of walking the beaches. I have been lucky to do this with my husband, family & friends, as we’ve lived in Central Vancouver Island, from West to East coast.

I have my paintings professionally scanned by Brad Grigor, of Turning Points Arts. Those scans can be turned into prints & art cards. The images could have other uses.

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I continue to explore how to capture the scenes I’ve lived or travelled in. If I can capture a fraction of my joy onto a canvas, I am happy.  I keep a portfolio of my paintings. It is a journal of the experiences that i’ve had with my husband, family & friends while being “ out & about”.

Lavern Hillier
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NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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