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Merrily Allanson

Merrily Allanson

Exhibiting Member

Preferred Medium: 


Merrily Allanson
Artist Bio:
I did not paint seriously until later in life, although I was always interested in and inspired by the art of others. But as so often happens, family life prevailed and children and work monopolized my time until retirement. It was then that my husband and I left Port Moody to resettle on Gabriola Island. And, finally, after many years there, we picked up roots and relocated to Crofton in the Cowichan Valley where we reside now. My learning came by taking workshops from artists I admired, studying art books and attending art shows and museums. I paint primarily in oils and watercolour and am an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Every Wednesday I paint with the Crofton Art Group. Both of these groups have been most helpful and encouraging in my art journey.
Artist Statement:
I paint many things – landscapes, still life, animals – for the enjoyment of it and only hope that viewers find joy from my paintings as well.
Merrily Allanson
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NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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