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Shortly before taking early retirement twenty years ago, I enrolled in a one-day-a-week watercolour workshop with the

FCA .... four different instructors, three days each for a period of twelve weeks.

Thirty-five years prior to the FCA workshops I attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Art where I studied commercial art for the better part of two years. Lack of finances to carry on in Chicago meant I had to find a real job, as they say, so the trucking industry provided me with an income for the next thirty-five years. Upon retirement I was once again able to take a serious look at becoming an artist -- and is where I find myself today.

Unlike some artists who may have moved onto other mediums, I find myself still with watercolour as my favourite. I work from my own photographs, with good paints, fair brushes, expensive hand made paper and I only paint when and what I want to.

Over the years I’ve met many interesting art enthusiasts and incredible artists. I have attended, served as a juror and participated in juried shows in Canada, US and Spain as well as instructing workshops in these countries. My paintings are in collections in a number of different countries.

Artistic adventures close to home and far away with camera in hand have been so much fun. Most of the people in my paintings I have met and a number of them are personal friends whom I’ve painted several times.

I’ve been a member of the FCA for 25 years first as a supporting member, then achieving Active membership, and going on to earn my AFCA and SFCA status. I’ve served as a Board Member, Chapter President, and chaired numerous committees.

If you think you might like to visit my website...

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