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2022 Fine Art Show Winners

The 2022 Nanaimo Fine Art Show was a wonderful success this year. We were happy to hold our live show at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre again this year after two years of online shows. There were over 600 Visitors and 14 paintings sold.

First Place Award went to Harald Allanson SFCA for his painting"Old Massett Carvers.

Second Place Award went to Sarah Boileau for her painting "Golden Morning" (top right)

Sarah also won the People's Choice Award for her painting "Sunbeams at Flo Beach" (bottom) and "Storm Building" (top left) was a runner up too!

Third Place Award went to Sylvie Bart for her painting "Songbird Trio"

Honourable Mention Awarded to Brenda Brown for her painting "Sunset at the Shacks"

Congratulations to all our award winning artists, and to everyone who participated in the show! We look forward to another great show next year!

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Overall Winner_NFAS 2023_La Belle Epoque.jpg
Equinox_Marina Wright_edited.jpg
NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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