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Meet the Award Winning Artists of Last Year's Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Last year at the 2022 Nanaimo Fine Art Show Active member of the NFCA Chapter Sylvie Bart received 3rd place for her painting "Songbird Trio".

"Three little birds perched on a branch of flowers and sitting in an ornated vase. Inspired by my bountiful garden and the joy in everyday life."

Artist's Biography

Sylvie is a mixed media artist. Her work features bold florals, figurative pieces, and collage. Sylvie is inspired by her natural surrounding and the people in her world. She loves patterns, colours, and line work. “Her vibrant palette, bold mark making and attention to detail are layered together to bring colour to your walls” (@nanaimoartgallery, 2023). Most of all her sense of humor and appreciation for whimsy shine through her work.

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NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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