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Meet the Award Winning Artists of Last Year's Nanaimo Fine Art Show

Last year at the 2022 Nanaimo Fine Art Show Harold Allanson, SFCA, received 1st place for his painting "Old Massett Carvers".

"During a trip to Haida Gwaii a few years ago Harold visited with several carvers working on a totem under the guidance of master carver James Hart in Old Massett. After the first visit he returning several times more and explains he was an artist and with their permission could he photograph them working to use as reference images for future paintings. It was then agreed he could, and in turn he’d provide each carver with a signed print of any painting(s) that that carver appeared in."

The totem pole in “Old Massett Carvers” is the "Reconciliation Pole” now standing at UBC (more info)

Artist's Biography

Harold Allanson, SFCA, TWSA, CSPWC holds a life-long interest in drawing and painting, but was unable to fully express his talent until taking early retirement twenty years ago. Since then it’s allowed him the luxury of being able to paint for several hours most days.

His realistic watercolours are representative of his life experiences and observations, often depicting working friends, people he’s met, their lives and their jobs. The west Coast of BC where he lives, the ranch lands of the interior where he grew up, and those thirty-five years spent as a long haul trucker provides him with a first hand knowledge for his paintings.

​Harold’s bold, realistic work expresses strong composition, use of colour and light, that’s generally not seen in most watercolour paintings. He paints for his personal enjoyment and in doing so hopes others viewing his work will find pleasure as well.


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NFCA Fall Fine Art Winners September 2023
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